Stringham Custom Homes

Yelm Custom Home Builder


Are you an aspiring homeowner who is not interested in buying a cookie-cutter home? Do you also dread the hassles and headaches involved in new home construction? Relax; Stringham Custom Homes is here to help!

We are a custom home builder servicing the Yelm, WA area. Our specialty is providing start-to-finish services for home building, while giving our customers beautiful, comfy, and efficient custom homes that they can enjoy for generations to come.

From project planning to home designing to building material procurement to actual home construction, our services as a custom home builder cover it all.

When you hire us as your custom home builder in the Yelm area, you can be sure of:

  • A custom home that is just what you had dreamt of
  • A stress-free, enjoyable, and memorable home-building experience
  • Making a lasting investment into your family's security and financial wellbeing

Yelm Custom Homes


We take pride in being a customer-centric custom homes contractor. The ideas, visions, and preferences of our customers are our guiding force as we go about our new home construction projects.

We believe that our success as a custom home builder comes from giving top priority to the satisfaction of the people who would be ultimately living in our custom built homes - our clients and their families!

This is why, while building custom homes for Yelm residents, we focus on:

  • Drawing up custom home floor plans that fit their needs
  • Incorporating features and facilities to meet their comfort requirements
  • Creating the home exterior/interior finish that matches their lifestyle

All the while, we do take care to work within the financial limitations unique to every customer.

Yelm New Home Construction


Our new home construction services for Yelm residents are aimed at giving them the homes they long to own and live in. Since we started out as a custom home builder in 2000, we have strived to use our skillful craftsmanship to build dream homes for our customers.

No matter how big or small a new home construction project we take on, we make sure to:

  • Listen closely to the client to know precisely what he/she wants
  • Get the customer's go-ahead before starting any task
  • Ensure utmost diligence by our technicians all through the project
  • Use top-quality building materials
  • Comply with the local building codes

Let Stringham Custom Homes handle your new home construction project in Yelm. Call (253) 777-1222 for a free 15 minute consultation.