A Home Addition Creates Increased Space for Tacoma Homes



If the size of your family is increasing due to a new baby or a live-in relative, you will need extra space.

You will also need extra space when you have a new hobby, when you buy appliances, furniture, and other items that reduce available space, and when you realize that the constrained space in your home is leading to a pest problem.

Increased space improves your quality of life and it increases the resale value of the home.

You could buy a new Tacoma home to move into, but hiring a home addition contractor like Stringham Custom Homes to build a room addition on your current home makes much more sense.

Tacoma Room Addition * Bedroom, Home Office, Garage



At Stringham Custom Homes, we are a home addition contractor that offers a variety of room addition services to our Tacoma clients.

These include game room, bar, workshop, exercise studio, garage, nursery, bedroom, kitchen, home office, mud room, loft, and pool house room additions.

You should build a room addition if your home has sentimental value. The mindset of buying a larger home whenever you need extra space is not practical because it means you will have to move several times in your lifetime.

If you want to sell your old home and buy a new one, you will find that today’s property market is not what it used to be.

A lot of research goes into picking a new home, including determining where to get financing and determining the crime rate of the neighborhood you are considering.

Building a home addition is the best option because you will not disrupt your children’s schooling and your social life.

Custom Home Addition Contractor Services for Tacoma

There are many home addition contractors serving the Tacoma area, so why should you make Stringham Custom Homes your home addition contractor?


You should come to us because we have been around since the year 2000, which means our team has the experience necessary to do a good job.

We are licensed and bonded, and we carry professional liability insurance as well as worker’s compensation insurance.

From these drawbacks of buying a larger home whenever you want extra space, it is clear that the the only time you should consider buying a larger home to move into is when there is no longer space to expand your existing home.

If you have any questions regarding room addition services, call our office at 253-777-1222 for a 15 minute consultative session, free of charge.

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