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About Us

About Stringham Custom Homes


Hello, my name is Keith Stringham. Eleven years ago I was busy doing cellular sales. I got tired of wearing a suit and tie. When I needed work done on my home I didn’t like the work I saw from other contractors. I enjoyed building part time. After seeing the work of other contractors I decided to do it myself.

In 2000 I started Stringham Custom Homes. Since then our team has completed many custom home remodels and other remodeling projects. We put together the best product for your money. Our goal is to always exceed your expectations. Our craftsmanship is so good most of our work comes from referrals. When neighbors see the work we’ve completed for our clients, they want in.

Custom Remodels


At Stringham Custom Homes we complete custom remodels. Custom remodels are available for bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms and other rooms. And we can do whole-house custom remodels. We’ll come out and listen to your ideas, wants and needs. After a thorough inspection we’ll give you a fair and free estimate. We will make sure the work is done according to your specifications, timeline and budget.

Honest Billing Process

Stringham Custom Homes bills differently than other custom home builders. Other builders give you a certain cost. This may not be the true cost. You may be quoted $400K for a project, but it may only cost $200K. This is because you don’t know everyone involved in building your project. Or the actual costs of the materials used. Since you don’t know who all the subcontractors are, you may be paying more.


You may be paying more for electrical and other services. The builder easily pockets the surplus as profit. Stringham Custom Homes allows customers to write checks directly to subcontractors and sub-vendors. This way you’re able to see everyone who is completing your project and what the real costs are. There’s nothing hidden. And you’re the only one pocketing surplus cash. Clients enjoy our honest billing process.

Customer Service

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service. This means giving our clients what they want. We complete remodeling projects on time and on budget. We want to make sure you have the remodel you always hoped for. Our clients are involved from the beginning of the process. We explain everything and answer any questions. I only work the best craftsmen in the business. This insures you’ll get what you paid for.

Don’t guess on what it will cost for your remodeling project. Contact us today at (253) 777-1222. We’ll come out and give you a free and fair estimate.