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Apartment Construction Contractors Milton


Stringham Custom Homes, established in 2001, has a team of experienced apartment construction contractors in Milton, WA. Our talented apartment construction contractors and apartment builders have in-depth knowledge of design and construct truly great interiors.

Our apartment construction contractors in Milton begin their work only after understanding your requirements, and ensure that the work is done in accordance with your specifications, timeline and budget.

When you hire us for prestigious construction project, we assure that your property is in the safest possible hands. Why hire us as your apartment construction contractors?

    Competence and diligence
  • Direct communication with subcontractors and vendors
  • Excellent customer service

Whether you need an extra bedroom or a bigger walk-in closet, give us a call today. Our apartment builders will visit your property and will give you a free estimate.

Apartment Builders Milton


When considering remodeling your building, get in touch with our apartment builders in Milton area. Our team of apartment builders and apartment construction contractors will talk you through the process of creating your dream building.

They will help you use the available space in the best possible way and will help create your dream apartment building. We have been building apartments for almost two decades. Our portfolio of projects ranges from small, independent owner projects to those that are comprised of many units and partners, working within various sized budgets and timeframes.

Our team of apartment builders and apartment construction contractors will talk you through the process of creating an apartment building exactly as you want. Our apartment builders can help you with:

  • Custom sight plans
  • Coordination between city and county inspectors
  • Interior design and architectural planning

Milton Apartment Construction


For apartment construction in the Milton area, hire only the experts. Our team of experienced apartment builders and contractors ensure you get your project completed affordably.

Our team of builders and contractors are equipped with advanced building techniques and skills and will complete your project within the stipulated time frame. Give us a call today and let’s discuss the details!

Our team is well versed with the local building and fire codes and will help you:

  • Obtain all permits required
  • Remain within your budget
  • Complete your project on time
  • Create a beautiful, modern structure

We attract, develop and promote the best people in order to provide a high-quality service to our customers. We work with leading architects, builders and designers, who truly interpret their creative visions down to the last detail, to deliver a service that speaks of class and quality.

For Apartment construction contractors in the Milton area call Stringham Custom Homes at (253) 777-1222.