Stringham Custom Homes

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Stringham Custom Homes is a reputable custom builder and remodel contractor that was established in 2000. They offer reliable and affordable service to the residential and commercial community of Redmond, WA.

We are appreciated for our unparalleled customer service. We base our work, whether as a custom builder or remodel contractor, according to the specifications and unique needs of every client in Redmond. Our employees pay full attention to the clients’ ideas, give satisfactory answers to their queries, and keep them involved and aware of the project at all stages.

Our professional excellence and sincere services have won us considerable word of mouth, publicity, and has helped us in becoming the leading remodel contractor and custom builder in Redmond.

Redmond Remodel Contractor • New Home Building


If you have hired a professional custom builder in Redmond to build your home, then that tells us you have an eye for personalization and detail. Over the years, your requirements increase and you may desire to have certain changes made to the home. A remodel contractor is just what you need.

Redmond residents should contact Stringham Custom Homes for their remodel needs. Whether you need a remodel contractor to improve the styling and efficient functioning of your kitchen& bathroom, or a custom builder to make home additions, we are there for you.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Custom builder and home remodel projects
  • Master suites
  • Private home offices
  • Kitchen/bathroom remodeling
  • Custom garages
  • Concrete patios and decks
  • Home additions including workshops, exercise studios, etc.

Why Choose Stringham Custom Homes in Redmond, WA?


A few years after getting your Redmond home built by a custom builder, you mightfind that your bathroom looks outdated. A remodel contractor can give it a fresh look by redesigning and modifying it. Redmond residents can have their bathrooms, dining rooms, living rooms, and kitchens remodeled by hiring the region’s most reliable remodel contractor.

The features that make us special include:

  • Custom builder and remodel contractor with years of experience
  • Licensed, bonded and insured business
  • Cost estimates provided at no charge
  • Honest billing process
  • Unparalleled workmanship
  • Timely project completion
  • Work as per client’s needs and budget
  • Meet the building and fire codes in force in Redmond
  • Use of quality materials
  • Numerous designs for custom home building remodeling projects

Your search for an expert custom builder and remodel contractor in Redmond, WA ends with Stringham Custom Homes. Call us at 253.377.1349.