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A Home Addition Creates Increased Space for Gig Harbor Homes


Stringham Custom Homes has been doing home additions, doing home remodeling, building custom homes, offering concrete services, and offering outdoor living services to Gig Harbor residents since 2000.

Our home addition service involves room addition and the addition of such fixtures as elevators.

Home addition is a good idea because it offers practical solutions to common problems such as vermin problems and sleeping arrangements, and it also increases the resale value of the home, among many other benefits.

Gig Harbor Room Addition * Bedroom, Home Office, Garage


The Stringham Custom Homes home addition service mostly involves the addition of lofts, play areas, bars, garages, spin-wheel garages, exercise studios, home offices, kitchens, bedrooms, nurseries, pool houses, and workshops for Gig Harbor residents.

Many do-it-yourself people are tempted to do room additions themselves to save money, as a pastime, or for several other reasons.

There are several reasons why you should leave the construction to a home addition contractor like Stringham Custom Homes.

Custom Home Addition Contractor Services for Gig Harbor


When you hire a home addition contractor to build a room addition for you, you will get unparalleled convenience.

You will not have to worry about such things as getting the relevant permits for the job, sourcing for the building materials needed, and getting rid of debris at the end of each working day.

Building a home addition is time and energy consuming, and it could interfere with your business/job and your social life.

Hiring a home addition contractor actually saves you money because it means you do not have to buy the equipment, tools, and supplies needed for the job, some of which you may never use again once the job is done.

With DIY room addition, you are liable should anything happen to someone you have employed in your premises.

At Stringham Custom Homes, we carry worker’s compensation insurance to indemnify you, and we also carry professional liability insurance to cover you from a shoddy job and from theft and damage to property.

Hiring our team of home addition contractors is better than a DIY room addition in that it offers convenience, cost benefits, and other benefits.

At Stringham Custom Homes, our team has the training and experience necessary to do a good home addition job.

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