Redmond Multi Family Homes


For those looking for multi family homes in the Redmond, WA, area, Stringham Custom Homes has some great news. Multi family homes are residential properties that contain more than one housing unit.

We build cozy and comfortable Redmond multi family homes for you and your dear ones to create memories in. We use only best quality materials to build the Redmond multi family homes of your dreams.

Living in one of our Redmond multi family homes is an experience of a lifetime. Let our team help you with the following:

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For Redmond multi family homes that have separate living spaces, kitchens, bathrooms for each unit, contact our builders at Stringham Custom Homes!

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Redmond Multi Family Home Builders


Our Redmond multi family home builders can build a duplex, a condo or a townhouse, an apartment complex or a semi-detached house. Our Redmond multi family home builders know that design trends are evolving constantly.

The home styles that are adopted by our Redmond multi family home builders depends entirely on your family style, economy and other factors.

Multigenerational families often consider hiring one of our Redmond multi family home builders to build theirs homes that are separate units but part of a whole. Ask us about:

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Our Redmond multi family home builders understand your need for privacy and space. Get in touch with Stringham Custom Homes today!

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Redmond Multi Family Contractors


Redmond multi family contractors are experienced and reputable, with great experience and expertise in building all kinds of properties.

Our Redmond multi family contractors offer aesthetically pleasing designs, which are thoughtful and customized as per the requirements of your unique lifestyle.

Our main priority as your Redmond multi family contractors is understanding your needs and goals for your project. The Redmond multi family contractors on our team will be willing to answer all your questions related to living in the home of your dreams. Get in touch with our multi family contractors if you are searching for:

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We have some of the best Redmond multi family contractors working for us. Hire them at Stringham Custom Homes. Call now!

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