Stringham Custom Homes

Spanaway Custom Home Builder


If you live in the Spanaway area and you have your own unique taste and style, you might not find a home in the Spanaway area suitable for you. This makes it necessary for you to get a custom home builder who will build custom homes for you.Custom homes are a great way of letting people have homes that suit their individual taste and style. If you need a custom home builder in the Spanaway area, then come to Stringham Custom Homes.

We have a long history of experience as a custom home builder.>A good custom home builder will be keen to listen to all you want in your home and will undertake your new home construction with great understanding of what you expect. If you are undertaking a new home construction, we offer you a qualified custom home builder who is greatly experienced when it comes to custom homes.Come to us when you want a custom home builder because:

  • We are greatly respected as a custom home builder
  • We have an honest billing process in all new home construction and custom homes
  • We are a qualified custom home builder

Spanaway Custom Homes


Having a custom home constructor offers you the ability to quickly access a custom home builder when you want to undertake a new home construction.

A custom home contractor who builds custom homes in your area is best suited to undertake new home construction for you.

We serve the Spanaway, WA area residents who want custom homes.

Custom homes will enable Spanaway area residents to have their own style and design sense reflected in every aspect of their homes.Go to a custom home contractor and get:

  • New home construction to your specifications
  • A home that suits your style and design taste
  • A unique home that will not look like any other

Spanaway New Home Construction


You have a dream home and you know how every aspect of your dream home will look from the ground up. But for you to realize the dream of having that home, you will need to undertake a new home construction.

Undertaking custom homes construction can be quite stressful, especially when the new home construction is for your custom dream home. If you are in the Spanaway area and you want to put up custom homes, come to us at Stringham Custom Homes in the Spanaway area. We are:

  • Skilled for any new home construction
  • One of the best in new home construction
  • Honest in our billing