Stringham Custom Homes

Hobart Custom Home Builder


We are no longer satisfied with the ordinary, especially when comes to our home. This is why Stringham Custom Homes is considered to be a major custom home builder and custom homes service provider in the Hobart, WA market.

From lavish interiors to chic exteriors, our custom homes in Hobart offer you the complete package.

Our new home construction techniques have set new standards in the custom home builder business in Hobart.

  • We are a respect custom home builder in Hobart
  • Our services are very easy on your bank account
  • Our projects are always completed on time

Rest assured that your custom house is going to be the best - because that is what we offer!

Hobart Custom Homes


Our custom home builder services have become all the rage in the Hobart market. This is because we offer supreme quality and use innovative new home construction techniques. The custom homes in Hobart are constructed while keeping in mind your preferences and needs.

Our customized homes for Hobart residents are tailor-made for you, and:

  • Add the extra oomph to your home
  • Are the most efficient and affordable custom homes in Hobart
  • Are built with excellent customer service and support in mind

Hobart New Home Construction


With revolutionary new home construction methods, we have quickly risen to be a key custom home builder in the Hobart market. Now you can build your home just the way you want, and we can turn all your dreams to reality!

Our new home construction ideas are in tune with the latest technology, as well.

Our custom home builder services in Hobart are so in demand because it offers people luxury and customizerd housing they can't find anywhere else.

Residents here love our new home construction ideas because:

  • They get easy access to the unique and unconventional ideas
  • Our custom homes are environment friendly
  • We provide top quality support and maintenance as well

Reach us at Stringham Custom Homes by calling us at (253) 777-1222.