Stringham Custom Homes

Ravensdale Custom Home Builder


Thinking of starting a new home construction project and hiring a custom home builder in Ravensdale, WA? Let Stringham Custom homes offer you a hand in your new home construction project by bringing in our large team of professionals to help you build your custom home in Ravensdale.

A new home construction requires precise calculations and analysis. Our custom home builder offers your Ravensdale home all the necessary expertise in:

  • Assigning only the necessary amount of builders to cover your budget
  • Brilliant and trendy architectural designs to choose from
  • Choices in excellent open floor plans and textured woodwork

While new home construction is our profession, passion for bringing smiles to our customers' faces makes us who we are.

Ravensdale Custom Homes


We understand that a home is a personal space to you and your loved ones. Our custom homes for Ravensdale citizens are made with safety in mind, and we ensure the utmost quality with our architecture. Our custom home builder for your Ravensdale home prioritizes groundwork based solely on what is best for you and the home you want to create.

Custom homes for Ravensdale residents are sentimental in value, and we believe in making every home uniquely constructed to match their residents' lifestyle.

We take into account:

  • Your passion like sports, music, gardening, etc.
  • Your specific needs like a music room, kids playroom, laundry space, etc.
  • User preference for every minor detail

Let our custom home builder turn your dream Ravensdale home into a reality.

Ravensdale New Home Construction


With every new home construction project undertaken, we respect the process of disclosing all details and changes to our clients. All our custom homes built in Ravensdale are discussed in depth before the project ever begins.

Our custom home builder ensures your Ravensdale home lies within your budget. Choosing a good custom home builder for your Ravensdale home is a top priority.

Development and construction go smoothly if the customer stays notified on updates involving:

  • Quality of materials and changes to blueprints
  • The color scheme and appliances
  • The house, landscaping, or costs associated with it

Stringham Custom Homes help build your dream Ravensdale dwelling by sticking to creating the house you want most. Contact us by phone at (253) 777-1222.