Stringham Custom Homes

Parkland Custom Home Builder


If you are located in the Parkland area and need a leading company in new home construction and custom homes, then look no further because Stringham Custom Homes is your ideal choice. Our custom home builder completes all the necessary work around your house, such as concrete work and electrical wiring, which completes all custom home projects.

New home construction is a serious process and must be done carefully and properly which is why at Stringham Custom Homes we hire the most experienced custom home builder to complete each project in and around the Parkland, WA area. Some benefits to our name include:

  • We have completed dozens of new home construction and custom homes projects
  • Our custom home builder can design any new home construction request
  • Parkland area residents receive our specialty in custom homes services

Parkland Custom Homes


Our custom home builder offers a variety of custom homes and new home construction services to all residents in the Parkland area who have a unique style that needs to be materialized. We offer new home construction with custom garages designed and built by our custom home builder, who carries out renovation projects in the Parkland area. New home construction and custom homes projects give your home an individualized feel that is provided by our custom home builder. You can expect:

  • Parkland area residents can contact us for a fair and free estimate on custom homes
  • Our custom home builder to design a unique garage for your mobile home
  • New home construction projects set at a reasonable price for the Parkland area

Parkland New Home Construction


At Stringham Custom Homes we dedicate ourselves to the goal of providing a leading custom home builder and new home construction services for those in need of custom homes. Any custom home builder hired by us is among the best in the country and will give you custom homes that you have always desired. We can even provide hidden staircases and can make further changes to your home according to your preferences. To learn more:

  • Contact us at 253-377-1349
  • Let us design demos so you can get a preview of how our custom homes look
  • We offer complete build and design services for all our clients, no matter the job