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Renton Home Addition


Making sure that the home receives the best possible maintenance and upkeep is the responsibility and also in the best interests of the property owners.

Home maintenance is important if the homeowners are interested in not only retaining the value of their property but are also interested in increasing it, adding to the returns they expect from this investment.

With the remodeling services from Stringham Custom Homes, homeowners in and around the Renton area can add new features or a room addition to their home, which will also play a great role in increasing the returns from their investment on the house.

These remodeling and home addition services are available not only to restore the property to its original value, but to increase the value beyond its current price.

These remodeling services from a home addition contractor are of great use to those homeowners in and around the Renton area who are looking forward to putting their existing property out on the market.

With the added value a home addition can bring, the home can be expected to fetch a rather handsome price when it is finally put on the market.

Renton Room Addition


There are a number of ways a room addition to the household can have impressive functional uses for the residents of the home as well.

There are numerous reasons for getting a home addition, all of which are something home owners in and around the Renton area will relate to, including:

  • Space: For a family increasing in size, add bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Function: Sunrooms, garage extensions, kitchen extensions
  • A backyard deck, a dormer, a well designed front porch for entertaining

Families tend to grow in size over time. With a room addition of a bedroom and bathroom, homeowners in and around the Renton area can not only accommodate more members, but if the family is small then these extra rooms are extremely useful as guest rooms as well.

Renton Home Addition Contractor


For homeowners in and around the Renton area, getting a home addition is an extremely smart decision.

However, given the amount of time, effort and money that must be invested in bringing this project to successful fruition, getting an expert home addition contractor, like the ones employed at Stringham Custom Homes, is a necessity.

One phone call to (253) 777-1222 and homeowners in and around the Renton area need no longer worry about finding the most cost-effective custom home addition they have been waiting for.