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Frederickson Custom Home Builder


It is amazing to have your personal taste of style and design reflected in every aspect of your home, but, for this to happen, you will need a custom home builder. A custom home builder is able to construct for you a home according to your specifications and design. With a custom home builder, you are able to personalize your home.

A custom home builder will enable those in the Frederickson area community to get custom homes, including new home construction. If you want to get custom homes in the Frederickson area, you will need a custom home builder who serves the community.

At Stringham Custom Homes, we provide the Frederickson area community with a custom home builder. If you are in the Frederickson, WA area and you want custom homes or new home construction, come to us as your custom home builder.

Get a custom home builder from us because:

  • We have great experience as a custom home builder
  • We have an honest billing process in all new home construction and custom homes
  • Our custom home builder will build according to your specifications

Frederickson Custom Homes


To get custom homes, you will need a custom home contractor who will construct the custom homes for you. If you are in the Frederickson area, you will need a custom homes contractor who serves the area you live in.

Our custom homes contractor is qualified to undertake new home construction for you and to build you that dream home that you have always wanted. We offer Frederickson area residents a custom home contractor to help them build their custom homes, including those with new home construction. Get a custom home contractor from us and get:

  • A home that suits your style, design and taste
  • A unique home
  • New home construction to your specifications

Contact us today for a custom home contractor.

Frederickson New Home Construction


We all want to live in our dream homes, and you dream of a home that has everything personalized according to your taste, but this would require a new home construction. If you want to construct a new home in the Frederickson area, then come to Stringham Custom Homes.

We will undertake new home construction for you and build your dream home for you. Come to us because we are:

  • Skilled in new home construction
  • Honest in our billing process
  • One of the best in the area