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Sammamish Home Addition


Some homeowners in and around the Sammamish area have decided to give their property even more value by adding some additional storage space in their home, which can be used for seasonal decorations, tools and equipment.

With the right home addition contractor on the job, the possibilities that a home addition brings to the property are limited only by the imagination of the homeowner.

These expert home addition contractors are skilled in handling any type of room addition to a property, thanks to the extensive training they have had.

A home addition contractor can handle all the operations that are involved in delivering a custom home addition to homeowners who live in and around the Sammamish area.

Many people have their doubts about hiring home addition construction contractors for a room addition, but once the construction experts from Stringham Custom Homes get on the job, all doubts will seem like a thing of the past.

Sammamish Room Addition


There are a number of home additions that homeowners who live in and around the Sammamish area can consider getting which include, but are not limited to:

  • Bedrooms: Additional as well as guest bedrooms so that everyone has a place to rest
  • Bathrooms: No more waiting in line to using the facilities
  • Decks: Backyard decks to add value to the property
  • Patios: Entertain guests with style whenever they visit
  • Porches: Enjoy your day relaxing on a porch overlooking your yard
  • Sunroofs: Bring more natural light into your home with a sun roof
  • Attics / Lofts: Get the most out of the storage / living space above your home
  • Dens: Entertain guests, spend time with the family and indulge in your hobbies too
  • Nurseries: Give your newest family members a place all of their own
  • Kitchen Extensions: Countertops, islands and many other feature rich additions
  • Garage Extensions: Get room for storing tools, equipment and even a workstation
  • Store rooms: Store seasonal items on your property quickly with a new storeroo

Sammamish Home Addition Contractor


With a single phone call to (253) 777-1222, homeowners who live in and around the Sammamish area will have the help from the very best in home addition contractors from Stringham Custom Homes.

So don’t delay. Call now and find out how these experts can help you get the most from your property today by building a functional home addition.