North Tacoma Concrete Driveways


Do you feel that concrete driveways would look good in your North Tacoma, WA property? If so, then it is time for you to hire our team at Stringham Custom Homes. Even if you want other durable structures like concrete decks and concrete patios, we can build them for you anytime. Moreover, you can hire us for urgent North Tacoma construction jobs as well.

Our company uses only the top quality supplies available while constructing your North Tacoma concrete driveways. Therefore, they will be weather resistant, as well as aesthetically pleasing. We are good at building North Tacoma concrete driveways as well as:

  • Brick driveways
  • Permeable driveways
  • Chip and seal driveways
  • Interlocking driveways

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North Tacoma Concrete Patios


Another great thing about hiring our company for your North Tacoma concrete patios is that we can offer you design alternatives. So, whether you are looking for a modern look or something a bit more rustic, you will be able to get it all. We can even give you color options while creating your North Tacoma concrete decks and concrete driveways.

Our crew members know how to safely use the equipment while performing construction for North Tacoma concrete patios. You can learn more about our services available in the area by giving us a call on the mentioned contact number. We are happy to help you with these related needs for North Tacoma concrete patios:

  • Resurfacing concrete patios
  • Sealing concrete patios
  • Concrete patio restoration
  • Concrete patio leveling

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North Tacoma Concrete Decks


For property owners who already have North Tacoma concrete decks, patios or driveways, they can still use our services. Over time when these surfaces are used continuously, they can lose their luster. This can make them less durable. To deal with this, we offer various maintenance services for your North Tacoma concrete patios and concrete driveways.

If you have already made up your mind about getting North Tacoma concrete decks for your properties, then you can schedule a site visit of our contractor today. When you do so, they will also be able to offer you a free service estimates depending on your requirements. You can hire us to build North Tacoma concrete decks like the following, including:

  • Stained concrete decks
  • Heated concrete decks
  • Exposed aggregate decks
  • Decorative concrete decks

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