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Everyone dreams of a beautiful home and Hunts Point, WA residents are no different. This is why companies like Stringham Custom homes have been in business and serving customers since 2000!

Our amazing custom home builder services in Hunts Point have gained quite a reputation in such a short span of time. The custom homes at Hunts Point have all the facilities and features you could possibly need and want in your new house.

And with innovative new home construction techniques, our custom home builder services have become all the more desirable.

Check out the many perks that we offer:

  • Our custom home builder services for Hunts Point are practical and affordable
  • The custom homes we offer Hunts Point are complete with all modern upgrades
  • Excellent customer service

See why so many people recommend us for custom home builder services in Hunts Point.

Hunts Point Custom Homes


Gone are the days when people only wanted a roof over their heads; now we are aiming for the nicest roof over our heads! Our custom homes and custom home builder services at Hunts Point offer you just that!

You can choose from among the many designs and colors available in our catalogue.

Our new home construction techniques are on par with advanced technology, wihch is why everyone wants us as their custom home builder in Hunts Point!

We are also popular because:

  • Our customized homes are well under your budget
  • You get unique designs for your custom homes
  • New home construction lets you keep up with the latest trends and use today's technology

As a reliable custom home builder in Hunts Point, we can fulfill your dreams of having a big beautiful home that is nothing short of paradise!

Hunts Point New Home Construction


The residents of Hunts Point can now see the benefits of new home construction for themselves. New home construction is the easiest way to get the house you want without sacrificing anything like you do with a prebuilt home.

With new home construction, you get lavish and top-quality facilities in your Hunts Point home. Recommended by most customers, we are a rising custom home builder in the Hunts Point market.

This is because:

  • Our new home construction ideas are effective and environment friendly
  • Our team of professionals offer excellent custom homes ideas at Hunts Point
  • We deliver results consistently

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