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Milton Custom Home Builder


Finding a custom home builder in Milton, WA is a challenging process. We at Stringham Custom homes take new home construction to a whole new level and ensure that we deliver on our promise in building magnificent custom homes for our Milton clients.

New home construction can be quite daunting and intimidating to first time home buyers, but custom homes in Milton come with unique perks, such as:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Custom built appliances
  • Sentimental value Milton residents don't receive from prebuilt homes

Pre-built homes and "cookie cutter" Milton homes can cost just as much as a custom home, so why not use us to create your dream house?

Milton Custom Homes


The custom home builder assigned to your Milton home understands individual requirements and walks you through the process of planning and execution in a systemized manner.

This ensures the newest technologies are optimally used, while leaving no stone unturned to gain your ultimate satisfaction.

New home construction in Milton can be personalized to include custom rooms that offer much more than a traditional pre-built home, including:

  • A home gym to have your personalized fitness space
  • An artist studio to activate your creative juices
  • Built-in shelving and more storage based on your needs

New home construction is, for many Milton locals, a once in a lifetime investment. Customizing your home means you never have to leave because all of your needs are provided in this one house.

Milton New Home Construction


Hiring our custom home builder for your Milton home ensures your money is well invested. Our builders make sure there are no unused spaces or wasted rooms. New home construction incorporates the latest technologies to ensure your home is going to be the best place for you for years to come.

Custom homes for Milton residents offer numerous advantages that can not be overlooked, like:

  • Minimum repair bills because of quality construction and materials used
  • The newest methods are used for building your Milton home
  • Remarkable real estate value for custom built homes

Why spend all your money remodeling a prebuilt home to look closer to what you want when you can build a home that is exactly what you want right from the start?

Building custom homes for Milton citizens is our passion. Contact Stringham Custom homes at (253) 777-1222 today.