Stringham Custom Homes

Klahanie Custom Home Builder


Every custom home is a unique creation that is a result of a team effort. It reflects the:

  • Lifestyle and personality of the homeowner
  • Creativity of the architect
  • Craftsmanship of the custom home builder

Since 2000, Stringham Custom Homes has been a custom home builder in the Klahanie, WA area, serving with passion and integrity to create elegant custom homes that their owners love.

On every new home construction project that we handle as a custom home builder, we strive to bring the unique vision of our customer to life and live up to their expectations for impeccable workmanship.

Custom homes are lifetime investments for most homeowners, and even legacies that they leave behind. We consider it our responsibility as a custom home builder to give Klahanie residents wonderful homes that deliver optimum value for the owners' hard-earned money.

We also do our best to make the new home construction experience extremely enjoyable and rewarding for our customers.

Klahanie Custom Homes


Meticulous attention to detail is one of the key reasons we are the leading custom homes contractor in the Klahanie community. Our technicians are highly skilled and trained to achieve perfection in every aspect of the work they do.

The vendors and subcontractors that we utilize for completing our new home construction jobs are selected carefully, after making sure that they match our high quality standards.

As a custom home builder, we give individual attention to every project and client, which enables us to design and build custom homes that:

  • Make the best possible use of the available space
  • Have all necessary amenities of modern living
  • Include all the creative must-haves of the homeowners

Klahanie New Home Construction


The most important goal of our new home construction services in Klahanie is to build dream homes for our customers. As a true custom home builder, our focus is on building the best home for our customer to fit his or her:

  • Aesthetic tastes
  • Lifestyle requirements
  • Daily living and comfort needs
  • Budget

We work closely with our customers, listening attentively to their dreams, desires, requirements, and concerns. Then we put all our ingenuity, expertise, experience, and capabilities into the new home construction project to create a home that instill joy, excitement, and pride in its owners.

Hire Stringham Custom Homes for your new home construction project in Klahanie and join its long, rapidly-growing list of satisfied customers! Call (253) 777-1222 for a free 15 minute consultation.