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Redmond Home Addition


Owning their own home is something many people aspire to do, and acquiring the right home is something only a select few get to do.

This home is not only a place of shelter for the inhabitants of the property, but also the point of origin of their most cherished memories. It is also a very significant financial investment as well.

With a home addition contractor from Stringham Custom Homes, homeowners in and around the Redmond area can get the kind of custom home addition they want for their property exactly the way they want it, so that they can add to the value of their property.

With some of the most experienced remodeling experts on the job, as well as the most affordably priced home addition services, increasing the value of your investment is now easier than ever.

Redmond Room Addition


There are a number of ways in which homeowners in and around the Redmond area can increase their home’s value, with all the different room addition and remodeling options available to them, including:

  • Storage Rooms: Extra storage space for your stuff combined with the safety of being indoors as well
  • Dormers: More style, natural lighting storage space and improved air circulation come together
  • Washrooms: Have an extra bathroom ready in your house so that no one has to wait in line
  • Kitchen Extensions: Add more operating room in your kitchen with countertops and islands as well
  • Guest Rooms: Always have a bed waiting for your guests who have dropped by for a few days
  • Family room / den: Enjoy family time in the den where you can indulge in your hobbies freely
  • Backyard deck / Front porch: Entertain guests in style and increase your home’s value easily to

Redmond Home Addition Contractor


Renovating or adding a room addition to the house is a great way for homeowners in and around the Redmond area to not only better utilize the property but to also increase its value.

If you’re planning to put the house on the market at any time in the future, make one phone call to (253) 777-1222 and we’ll show you how the right room addition from the home addition contractors at Stringham Custom Homes can make all the difference in helping you sell your home.

A home addition will not only increase the value of the property on the market, but can also help you to positively bring the purchase deal to a successful close.