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South Hill Home Addition


If you’re want to increase space at your home in South Hill, WA then Stringham Custom Homes has a great range of home addition services to assist you. With our dedicated home addition contractor team, we can provide quality home and room addition services.

As a reliable home addition contractor, we can help our South Hill customers with any home additions. Our experienced team of trained experts can advise you on any home or room addition project, including:

  • Extra rooms and kitchens
  • Play areas
  • Workshops

When you choose us as your home addition contractor, you’ll get a stylish and elegant home addition or room addition that will complement your home perfectly.

South Hill Room Addition


If you’re not satisfied with the living space in your home then why not hire us for a home addition? Our room addition service allows you to add more rooms to your house quickly and affordably. Contact us to get a home addition or room addition and create extra space at your South Hill property.

Adding to your home can be a complex task, so it’s a good idea to choose a professional home addition contractor. We’ve built a reputation as a trusted home addition contractor for the South Hill area, offering premium services to create the perfect room addition or home addition for you. We offer:

  • An affordable home addition service
  • Meticulous room addition designs
  • Service from a highly-skilled home addition contractor
  • Increased space and comfort
  • Immediate support from our home addition contractor team

You can count on our home addition contractor team for all your home addition and room addition projects.

South Hill Home Addition Contractor


For the perfect room addition or home addition, nothing can beat the services of an experienced, professional home addition contractor.

Our home addition contractor team is proud to serve homeowners in the South Hill area, providing help and assistance with any home addition or room addition project. If you want to add extra rooms to your house in South Hill, you can rely on our premium services. Just contact our team in South Hill to discuss your needs – we’re happy to give you a free, fair estimate.

We can help South Hill homeowners with:

  • Extra garages, bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Pool houses
  • Mud rooms
  • Spacious game rooms
  • Separate bars and workshops

If you’re looking to make a home addition or room addition at your South Hill home, call Stringham Custom Homes at (253) 777-1222 today and take advantage of our experienced home addition contractor team.