Stringham Custom Homes

Redmond Custom Home Builder


The demand for custom home builder services has increased in the Redmond, WA area. Custom homes let people live in a property that perfectly fits their preferences in styles and colors. The majority of Redmond area residents prefer to live and bring up their children in custom homes.

Our company, Stringham Custom Homes, is one of the best custom home builder services providers in the Redmond area. We are highly recommended and preferred by people in the area because of the following reasons:

  • Highly reliable custom home builder services in the area
  • Affordable custom homes in the area
  • Experienced professionals who help in designing custom homes

Redmond area residents choose us as their new home construction services provider because they trust our experience and knowledge in the field of custom homes. There are many positive reviews of our services proving that we are one of the best providers in the area.

Redmond Custom Homes


Creating your own custom home can be difficult if you do not find the right services. We provide high quality new home construction services to all Redmond area residents. Our professionals make sure that the design and the construction plan of the home fits all of the preferences of each customer who wants our custom home builder services.The services that we offer to the residents of the area are the following:

  • Services for custom home designing
  • Services for pre-construction planning
  • New home construction services
  • Services after the custom home construction

Our professionals are ready to help with each step of the new home construction phases. Redmond area residents contact us whenever they need affordable, high quality custom home builder services.

Redmond New Home Construction


Custom homes are getting more and more popular in the Redmond area. New home construction plans are often of custom homes using high quality custom home builder services. We help with the design of the custom homes and all phases of the new home construction. Our custom home builder services for new home construction help with the following aspects:

  • Regulatory approvals of the new home construction
  • Construction reviews
  • Permit assistance of the new home construction
  • Quality cost control with our custom home builder services

It is highly recommended to use our custom home builder services in order to receive the final results you expect.